watershed : October


So, beyond this website being used as a blog to talk about my personal and artistic journey, document and share creations and podcasts, I'm also making room here for news that relates to water. Maybe it's not a shock that someone who comes from the largest freshwater island in the world cares about water, but it only occurred to me more clearly in the past year that this resource is of personal importance. 

It started when I came across Global Goals last year and faced with the idea of picking one goal around social good over others. After getting over myself that we are not prioritizing issues but dividing to concur, I realized that my draw to water is something that is rooted in my upbringing and remains an important element of my life.
Immediately, I began to take notice of more and more news that directly related to water later that year. Of course, there was the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan, and David Suzuki made his tour across Canada with bluedot. I started listening to The Green Majority who started to deliver more environmental news to my ears and led me to participate in 350.org's Climate Welcome for JT last November. In the new year I hosted an event attempting to convert strangers to all natural shampoo (who even uses conditioner?) and hosted the first of a multiple part photo series titled Oil Obsessed. 

And now back, living and working in the Canada after three months away, I recently received emails about the #stopKM march on Parliament TOMORROW (October 24th) by Climate 101 and the needed support for the Chippewas of the Thames First Nations in fighting Enbridge leading up to November 30th

Even abroad, surfing for the first time brought me back to Surfrider, an organization I came across on the web years ago, with a new perspective and importance as well as being shown a Green Peace produced video, while in Italy, with a focus on saving the artic

Ultimately, I have been feeling more and more responsibility to curate the information and news I digest via the internet. I hope with creating a space to gather content around news stemming from water and its' connection and effect on society, this month update will become a place to stimulate awareness and an archive what is happening in our world.