I would like to make a note here.

I'm not sure whether it is the environment of the city, the development of our digital-ness, or just social media, but I have had a lot of unwanted, external input on "what I should be doing." I am someone who is interested in a number of art, craft and culinary activities. I know that can be for confusing for someone on the outside to take in. Ugh, what does sourdough and collage have in common? So confusing! But here's the thing. What I choose to do, some of which is on this digital database, is something that I'm not currently interested in monetizing. It's not something you can buy, possess or even have to "get". I'm not going to use the same filter for every instagram post, or limit what I post to only dance content, or food I make, or minimal nature photographs. I am a person and this content is what I create beyond one form. Increasingly, I would like this to be a place where I store everything I push out of my mind and body into something someone else can see or experience. 

Keep the fuck up.   

the pack (working overarching title)

the pack is an overarching title for a long term process as a choreographer and facilitator. The concept in moving away from choreographic collaborations for this project brings about the challenge of being complete responsible for the work that is created. the pack is a process composed of all female performers. The research in this process focuses around elements of fictional environments and creatures, with an interest in degrees of awareness. the pack travels to Northern Ontario for creative retreats + residencies for research and to connect with rural communities. The product of this process is uncertain at this point. 

Current Collaborators

Amanda Pye                                 - performer
Annelise Hawrylak                       - performer
Isa Estrada                                    - performer
Nickeshia Garrick                         - performer
Jon Elliot                                       - director+cinematographer  

t  i  m  e  l  i  n  e

oct 10th - 15th 2017                       - Fall Creative Retreat on Manitoulin Island
oct 26th - nov 30th 2017              - Fall Creative Process
jan 25th - jan 31st 2018                - Winter Northern Ontario Residency: Manitoulin Island + Sudbury

photos taken during Winter Northern Ontario Residency at Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island 2018
experimenting with integrating movement motifs with natural colour and composition in space
shot: Amanda Pye + Annelise Hawrylak + Nickeshia Garrick
shooter: Mikaela Demers

rockbowling shot during Fall Creative Retreat on Manitoulin Island at Misery Bay 2017
created + shot by Amanda Pye + Annelise Hawrylak + Mikaela Demers

Branch Collective

Branch Collective is a group who hosts branch intensive: a dance intensive designed for Northern Ontario, hosted in Sudbury. The collective is legally (for the grants) formed by two individuals, but in reality is a large group of artists, dancers and community members who have a connection to Northern Ontario. branch2018 will be the second intensive ever hosted. More information via branchintensive.com

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