This is the space I have. 

Upon renoing this room, I had thoughts and day dreams about the art it could hold and the individuals it could support. The whole point of this site for me is to contribute to the digital art community regardless of how existent or nonexistent it is. But seeing people would be nice too. I understand that for artists there is no lacking of ideas and imagination. It's the money that lacks. The literal materials, time, rent, costumes, lights, refreshments, equipment, other people and space is what we need, and probably what people are focusing on instead of projecting their thoughts, ideas and opinions online. So this is what I have, and I would like to share. 

This location, currently named Free Water, is a space that can hold small events, residencies, presentations and performances. If interested, please fill out the form below and include your concept with the dates purposed and materials needed. Let's make it happen. 


space / walls / table / bed / kitchen access / internet / support / love / water

1435 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON M4J 1N3

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