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Shampoo Swap. apr 2016

The goal of this project was to swap Torontonian's half used pharmaceutical/salon shampoo for a bar of all natural coconut oil shampoo. Other than the traumatic separation of your beloved herbal essences, the shampoo bar was free. The collected half used shampoo products were then mailed to the head offices of the shampoo companies along with a letter asking them to consider what they put into their products and to be mindful of the health of the environment and their customers.

The real creator of the idea behind this project is Adria Vasil.

In her work Ecoholic Body, Adria suggests that after realizing how many terrible chemicals there are in shelf-able cosmetics, using them one last time by mailing what is left in your bottle to the original manufacturers and letting them know why you have converted to an all natural product may have a positive ripple effect on other consumers or the manufacturers of the future. I was given Ecoholic Body by a greenthumb-minded employer and friend and have reread different chapters for the past 7 years. After not really knowing what kind of shampoo my hair "needs" and standing in pharmacy aisle contemplating ingredient lists and prices, I said, "F*CK IT!" ...probably out loud. I researched a shampoo I could make at home. I made a batch and gave bars away to friends and family. I received a lot of positive feedback and thought, "this is so easy." If I kept the whole batch (one bread pan worth) to myself, I would easily have enough shampoo for the year and spent a max of $40. But I don't want to keep the whole batch, I want my friends and family to have them. I want for all of us to stop paying for something that we don't need and causes more harm then silky lusciousness.

McCaul St. dec 2015.

choreographed and performed by Will Hamilton/Mikaela Demers

filmed by Eric Chudnoff/Phyllis Whyte

music by Slow Dancing Society

manitoulin island. oct 2015.

choreographed and performed by Mikaela Demers
filmed by Paul Demers
Music by These Ghosts

SRY. feb 2015. 

SRY is a performance aimed to create conversation around different elements that symbolize gender. The performance layers three key components; gender specific clothing, anatomical gender, and physicality associated with specific genders. By layering these three elements within each character in the piece differently, questions about gender identity are raised. In a performative setting where any performer can be any character, the gender identity of each performer is toyed with extensively making the classification of their gender eventually irrelevant.       

stage work presented in playGround Festival 2015 at York University

choreographer Mikaela Demers

dancers Damian Norman, Dedra McDermott, Josh Murphy, Mikaela Demers, Taylor Markhma, WIll Hamilton

stage manager Ashley Elliot

lighting designer/costume designer Sandra Mandich